About Us

Investment Philosophy

You can’t always invest in the ‘next big thing’ and whilst we would all like to believe we have found the next Google, Microsoft or globally disruptive technology, the reality is these companies really only come along once in a life time if you are lucky. So our approach is to build strong, stable, profit driven businesses and if they just happen to become the next big thing, well that is a nice bonus.

With this in mind the strategy behind our investment approach is fourfold:

  • Create recurring passive income streams from a variety of initiatives
  • Create an investment portfolio which is diverse enough to mitigate risk, yet has areas which compliment, overlap and create value for the other investment initiatives
  • To build a committed team of stakeholders who take ownership of, and drive forward, the various projects.
  • To develop the underlying capital value of each venture whilst building sustainable, profit driven enterprises which are not purely focused on an investor exit.

We are a private investment company who invest on behalf of a number of high net-worth individuals as well as investing our own capital. We do not manage public, corporate or institutional funds and are only accountable to our stakeholders who share our philosophy for investment. We invest in startup and early stage endeavours which have a global application and market potential and work hand-in-hand with founders to build their dreams in to reality.


We are not currently looking for investment capital at this time. However, you are welcome to register your interest for participation in future investment rounds, as and when they become available.

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